Merry Christmas & Happy Bashing

We’re T-minus 7 hours to the start of my Christmas party and instead of worrying about pinata related things, I’m having anxiety over bad hair.

photo (23)

I know right?

Maybe I should be worried about what happens when you prepare 12L of sangria and then allow people to bash a pinata in your small, yet stylishly decorated condo.  Or I could reflect on the likely possibility that I cannot wear my Christmas attire due to excessive tasting of the assorted pinata candies this week.

Seriously?  Who makes a New Years resolution that effectively results in a monthly over-consumption of candy?  I’ve realized that I have to come up with creative ideas of things to fill the pinata with, especially since I don’t think that “whacking the pinata” is a legitimate form of cardio or strength.

Back to my hair.  It’s awful and yet will likely be featured in pinata-related pictures later on.  Knowing what I now know about paper mache, it’s likely that I could use some mache mix as a styling cream for one of those “shellac-like” hair styles popular with any female news anchor.  I’m not that desperate today, but I’m living the pinata dream for the next year and I aim to entertain all 3 or 4 of the readers of this blog.

I’ll think about mache-mousse for the next project…until then, we’re 7 hours away from a festive smash and bash.  Are you ready?  Well, are ya?


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