The Big Event

The Pinata Project - zebra

We will bash this lovely piñata and meat will come out. Oh yes, it will

Sunday, March 30th
6:00pm – 10:00pm

Endeavor Arts & Event Space
#200 (upstairs)
1209 First Street SW, Calgary, Alberta

Admission: Free

Witness the bashing of a special oversized piñata containing beef jerky and candy. Yes, you are allowed to grab your share of treats when they come tumbling out!

You can take a whack at the piñata, too! Whackers will be drawn at random from those in attendance. Please be warned this may be traumatic for small children.

Be there at 6:00 for photo ops. Whacking begins around 8:00. We will try to give as many people as possible a whack at the piñata, but there is no telling when it will go.

Heather and I will be on hand to field your questions about piñata construction and on living with the sort of psyche that can encourage friends and strangers to whack such a cute piñata.

This project is the brain child and result of much hard work by Reg Tiangha who put in countless hours championing the event and drumming up sponsors. Thanks, Reg! It is an homage to Awesome Foundation – Boston’s project that saw meat-filled zebra piñatas fed to zoo lions as part of their animal enrichment plan.

More about the trials, tribulations, and science of constructing this piñata here.

Facebook event posting

Brought to you in association with Awesome Foundation – Calgary and with the generous support of Endeavor Art Gallery and Big Chief Meat Snacks Inc.

The Pinata Project - zebra materials


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